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Wildlife Repair and Removal Services in Ft.Worth and Surrounding Areas.

Offering Wildlife Removal and Repair Services in the Waco/Austin and Surrounding Area.


Wildlife X Team® is a family owned business leading the way in humane wildlife control and removal from your home and business. Wildlife X Team® of Waco/Austin, Texas provides both repair and wildlife removal throughout Waco/Austin and the surrounding area. Have bats, rats, armadillos, snakes or raccoons? Wildlife X Team® of Waco/Austin will remove any wildlife and repair most damage caused my these nuisance pest!

Bats, snakes, raccoons, birds, rodents, opossums, skunks, mosquito, bees? We handle most nuisance pest for you!

Best of all, we will work to protect your home and keep them from coming back!



"... on time, fast, and did a very good job!"

Allen H.

Katy, Texas

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"... very helpful team."

Dannaa S.

McKinney, TX

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"... quick response time. Still having additional work done on the house."

Teresa B.

Hurst, TX

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Exclusive Wildlife Inspection Report®

Our Waco/Austin Wildlife X Team® will go over a 50+ point inspection to give you a detailed estimate and summary of our plan to completely get rid of your wildlife problem and insure we protect your home from future infestations. 

Trapping and Removal of Wildlife

This is the fun part. We humanely and safely use special equipment to strategically trap and remove all wildlife from your home.

Exclusion of Wildlife

Some animals are easier to "set free" than handle or trap. This could be for legal reason or for the safety of the animals. We have special equipment designed to help free your home of wildlife in sensitive cases like this.

Repair and Restoration

When animals and wild critters mess up your home and start ruining your investment Wildlife X Team® of Waco/Austin, Texas is here to help you repair damage and restore your home! We will give our best and make sure we do it right the first time.

Sanitation and Waste Removal

Wildlife carries a host of diseases and bacteria that can make you, your pets, and your family sick. Let our team of professionals sanitize and make your home safe again.

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